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The Coubertin Crew is recruiting volunteers for one of the biggest sports events that will take place in Romania in 2018. The European Youth Table Tennis Championships will be held in Cluj Napoca, between 15-24 July 2018.

Candidate’s profile

  • you are available for min 8 days during the event (10 – 26 July)
  • willing to contribute to the successful delivery of the event
  • minimum age: 15 years old


  • 20 March – 31 May – registration process
  • 10 April – 10 July – online interview
  • 10-20 June – letter of invitation
  • 20-30 June – online training
  • 8-12 July – role training
  • 10-14 July – preparation period
  • 15-24 July – European Youth Table Tennis Championships official program
  • 25-25 July – post-championship period

Reasons to become a volunteer

  • You will have the opportunity to be part of one of the most important sport events held in Romania in the last years
  • You will have the chance to see valuable athletes competing in front of you
  • You will meet new people, make new friends (around 200 volunteers)
  • You can network with the participants, the other volunteers and with the organizational committee
  • You can practice and improve your language skills
  • You will be part of the #EYC2018 community

As part of the volunteer team, we will provide:

  • a valuable training program related to your role
  • meals and water during your shifts
  • free use of the event transportation
  • branded equipment

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Delegation assistants 
As a delegation assistant, you are going to be the contact person for the leaders of the delegations of the participating countries. Your task will be to accompany the delegations (athletes, team leaders) during their daily activities, and to help them to solve arising problems or to answer questions.

Spectators support
The spectators energy depends partly on the interaction with the organisers. This team guides spectators to their places in the arena, provides information about the event and supports them along the way when help is needed.

Like any sport event, we will have some VIP guests. The protocol team will assist the VIPs and offer information they need.

This team is responsible for the transportation of athletes, officials and VIPs during the event, whether to provide information about the schedules or routes, arrival and departure points or even drive the official cars.

The catering team will be responsible with the acces and coordination of the catering area.

Field of Play
The stars of the European Youth Table Tennis Championships will shine on the field of play. To ensure that the athletes have the best conditions, this team will pay close attention to all details on the competition and practice arenas.

The event will be broadcast all over Europe and press teams from all participating countries will travel to Cluj. The media team will support them during the event.

Info Desk  
Athletes and officials need easy access to updated information. The Info Desk volunteers will be available at the competition arena and at the accommodation sites.

Every medal won must be celebrated with a ceremony and this team will make sure the awards ceremony is memorable. They are the ones that love being in front of cameras and are always ready to walk with medals and flowers.

The technical support team will make magic on computers to display the competition results. They will be joined by a few lucky volunteers who will work alongside them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can apply to be a part of the EYC 2018 Volunteer Team?

You can apply if you meet the following criteria:

  •     You are at least 15 years old (no maximum age)
  •     You are available for a minimum of 8 days between 10 – 26 July 2018
  •     You have a valid email address
  1. How do I apply to become part of the EYC 2018 Volunteer Team?

Once you have read all of the information available on the volunteering section of our website, complete the online application form.

  1. Until when can I apply?

You can apply online to be a Volunteer and registration will be open between 20 March and 31 May 2018 (23.59 GMT +2)

  1. Do I need volunteering experience?

We will take your previous experience into consideration, but it is not mandatory.

  1. I am a person with a disability; will I be able to volunteer alongside my Support Worker/Personal Assistant?

We welcome everyone to apply to join the EYC 2018 Volunteer Team and your Support Worker or Personal Assistant can come along too if you are successful. Tell us about your support requirements in the application form.

  1. What are the stages of the Volunteer program?

Between 20 March and 31 May 2018 you can apply as a volunteer through our online form. In April, we will invite you to attend an online interview. You will be able to choose the time slot. From 10 to 20 June you will receive your Letter of Invitation. Between 20 and 30 June you will complete the online training. Between 8 and 12 July, you will meet your coordinator and you will complete the role training. From 10 to 26 July we will create an amazing event!

  1. Where do I get new information about the next steps?

Once you are accepted as a volunteer, you will join the #EYC2018 online community. There you will have access to all the information you may need. Also, the most important information will be sent to you via e-mail.

  1. When will I receive the Letter of Invitation?

You will receive your Letter of Invitation between 10 – 20 June.

  1. Great! I am selected! Do I have any responsibilities until the event?

We may request some information from you in order to prepare the best conditions for your volunteer work. So you will have to provide some personal information. And another important responsibility for you until the event is to complete the online training and to attend the role training.

  1. When will the event take place and how long should I be available?

The event will take place between 15 and 24 July. The preparation period will start on the 10th of July, and depending on each role you will work a longer or shorter period of time. The longest period of time will be 16 days (between 10 to 26) and the shortest will be 8 days.

  1. How many hours will a volunteer work during the event?

A normal shift will have 8 hours, but depending on your assigned role you may have some shorter shifts.

  1. What do I have to wear during my job?

We recommend you to wear sport attire during the event. If your role requires you to enter the Field of Play, sport shoes are mandatory.

  1. Do we have any meals offered?

During your shift you will receive meals and water.

  1. Will you be providing and paying for accommodation for the Volunteer Team during the European Youth Table Tennis Championships?

We are trying to provide accommodation for volunteers who don’t live in Cluj Napoca. We will let you know as soon as it’s confirmed. Also, we hope that through our #EYC2018 community, local volunteers will host non-locals :).

  1. Will you assist the #EYC2018 Volunteer Team with travel to Cluj Napoca?

We will not provide transport or cover costs for travel to and from Cluj Napoca. These expenses are the volunteers’ responsibility. During the event you will have access to transportation between venues accordingly with your attributions.

  1. Will the #EYC2018 Volunteer Team get to watch the table tennis competition?

Yes, volunteers can watch the competition after they finish their shift.

  1. What kind of consequences do I face if I will not be able to fulfill my task because of an unexpected reason (e.g. illness)?

We truly understand that there may appear some unexpected reasons and you may not be able to fulfill your task. We trust that you will let us know as soon as possible if something occurs.

  1. If I am successful and then find I am unable to commit, can I withdraw from the program?

You can withdraw from the program, but please let us know as quick as possible to have enough time to find alternative solutions.

  1. I still have questions. Who shall I contact?

For additional questions in relation to the volunteering program at the 2018 European Youth Table Tennis Championships please send us an e-mail:

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